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Iksokapi – Blackfoot for “It is good”
Pronounced – IIK-SO-KAA-PI

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Oki – welcome my name is Lynn Calf Robe, owner & editor of Iksokapi Magazine. From the rez to the urban jungles, Iksokapi Magazine is an online magazine created as a voice for all First Nations, Inuit and Metis Women in North America. This one of kind publication covers a wide range of topics and features a variety of writers, artists and photographers from around the Globe.

Iksokapi Magazine is an independent publication inspired by a number of strong, sophisticated and influential women of our time, many of whom are featured in the publication. My prior work experience includes; managing editor, freelance writer, and photographer with a variety of publications including national newspaper First Nations Drum and Calgary’s urban Aboriginal Youth monthly, New Tribe Magazine.

My passion for storytelling is what inspires my work. I grew up reading magazines like YM, Sassy, Cosmopolitan, and Rolling Stone but never came across a magazine specifically for Indigenous girls or women with a modern, fresh and empowering approach. Too often the stereotypes relating to Indigenous women are negative and as a writer it has always been my mission to keep it positive or at the very least educational and entertaining. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating it. 

– Thank you!

Lynn Calf Robe, Founder & Editor

Siksika Nation, Treaty 7

sue solwayOki my name is Susan Solway and I, as a member of the Siksika Nation, come from the traditional territory of the Blackfoot people. As the newly established Co-Editor with Iksokapi Magazine, I offer a huge shout out to Iksokapi Owner and Editor Lynn for having me partake in this new journey- thank you for your always encouraging guidance and mentorship (and at times wild advice) over the years, I’m very certain that it has all helped shape my writing into what it is now!

I have been involved in the communications and media industry since I was a teen growing up on the rez and landing my first summerstudent gig in the local media department. Back when analog radio was still cool and facts were based on real conversations rather than on the World Wide Web (did I just date myself?). Since then I have mostly provided freelance written and still photography work for a few print publications such as New Tribe Magazine, Alberta Sweetgrass, and Aitsiniki News, and landed a couple of key and staff writer positions along the way. I have contributed many years and words to the Aboriginal Multi- Media Society of Alberta, and I am now excited to begin this new adventure with Iksokapi Magazine and to share with you, the readers, what I am very passionate about.

Though we exist within the 21st century, there still remains a need to express our collective triumphs and challenges through a First Nations perspective, and a First Nations women’s perspective at that, within the media to help alleviate existing negative stereotypes that many of us consistently face. It is my hope that through the work of Iksokapi Magazine that we are challenging these stereotypes while providing a positive outlook for our Indigenous brothers and sisters, and overall Canadian society.

I look forward to working with some of you as fellow contributing writers and wish you all the very best in 2016!

Co – Editor Susan Solway

www.IksokapiMagazine.com showcases a variety of freelance writers and photographers from around North America.

Freelance writers:

Jonathon Potskin
Tahnee M.
Jacey Doore – Saddleback
Susan Solway
Pearleen Lachab
Christine Smith (McFarlane)
Jonathan Breaker
Dr. Peter Eppinga
Miserous and Mumford
Love Goddess

Freelance photographers:

Blaire Russell
Floyd Blackhorse
Amos Scott
Nadya Kwandibens

We welcome all new and experienced writers and photographers.